Energy Efifciency


Almost half of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions come from energy we use every day. With some simple energy saving home improvements, you can save money, improve the comfort of your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

An energy efficient house makes sense. It's cheaper to run and it's a key selling point if you choose to sell your house. From 1 June 2007 every home on the market will have a Home Information Pack that rates its energy. Included is a rating of the homes energy efficiency and recommendations that could help cut CO2 emissions.

Consumers, specifies and legislators are increasingly focusing on the energy efficiency of building products. To respond to the challenge of raised expectations, the window industry has provided energy efficiency information that is easily understood and can be used to compare window products (The A-G scale) which gets taken into account in the home information pack.

By saving energy we can all help fight climate change