Roofing Materials

Polycarbonate - The most comonly used polycarbonate is 25mm thick and offers good value for money. It comes in a range of colours and styles, including Opal, Bronze, Bronze/Opal combination and clear. A specail coats protects the material form discolouring and surface wear.

Ultralite 500 This product from Ultraframe PLC has been used primarily in lean-to designs. It is particularly good in "low pitched" situations working as it does down to pitches as low as 2.5 degrees. As the material is much thicker it can also span over 4 metres, and also has the benefit of remarkably good insulation.

K Glass K Glass keep the room cooler in the summer by reflecting excess solar heat away, aswell as warmer in the summer by deflecting heat from inside the home back into the property. It also reduces glare in the room and dramatically reduces outside sound levels. Glass roofing can also come in bronze tint to further its reflective capabilities.

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